Why do people want to be influencers

4 min readSep 24, 2019

Young people want to have the freedom to make life changes whenever they desire. Naturally, they gravitate towards flexible digital occupations. One of these new occupations is that of an influencer — someone whose entire life is dedicated to creating online content. Let’s examine why more and more people are investing their time and resources into their social media accounts and their online presence.

Reason 1: We’re already influencers… just on a different scale

Being an influencer is different from getting a job in any other field. Mainly because most people are already going through the motions needed to be one. We update our profiles, publish pictures and articles, engage our followers — just like the stars of the online world. And it’s getting harder and harder to not do it at all. If you neglect social media, you risk getting lost in the noise of the internet. People who shy away from contributing content may find it harder to be noticed when they need it the most.

If you neglect social media, you’re cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. The internet is a place for communication. People meet and get to know each other online. The articles and the pictures you post on social help others access you as a person and initiate a conversation. A lack of online presence can cause misunderstandings, rob you of vital connections, and become a proverbial speed bump on your way to meeting new people. You risk suspicion on the part of others — both people and corporations. Visa and loan eligibility depend in part on your social media activity. Not having a stable online presence can come off as suspicious and endanger that vital trip you have to take or access to extra funds in times of need.

This rule extends to one’s professional life. What you publish online can make or break your career — especially if it’s a career in a digital field. People are using social to share their expertise and establish their credibility. It can help you grow your network and — often — get a job. This is especially true for IT professionals.

If you care about all of the above — the connections, the opportunities, having a platform — you’re bound to create content, write articles, engage with people. This makes you an influencer of sorts, even if you don’t have thousands of followers. The only real difference between an influencer and a regular Instagram user is that the former makes a living off of it. And, to start making money on social media you don’t need to sacrifice a whole lot while you’re waiting for your online following to grow. Blogging is essentially free. All you need is to take it seriously. If you do, you can start making money with just a bit of time and effort.

Reason 2: It can gradually become your main job

The threshold beyond which you can get access to sponsored deals is low — and keeps getting lower. The exact number of followers you have is not as important as maintaining your online presence and impacting those around you. Today, brands are eyeing smaller and smaller communities to get more bang for their buck and reach out to “The Unreachable”. Nano-influencers can have as few as a hundred-something followers. Tools like the one we develop — MNFST — grant them access to advertisers looking for niche audiences. You can’t make a living with numbers like these, but you can use this opportunity to build up credibility while you’re growing.

Micro-influencers — the people with 10–50 thousand followers — can earn enough to quit their day jobs. This sort of scale requires a commitment — you probably won’t be able to pay another person to work for you, so you’ll have to handle the increasingly demanding business side of this venture yourself. You can’t call this sort of work ‘easy’, but it pays off like a desk job, and people tend to love the process.

Regular influencers — people with millions of followers — are the superstars of today. They’re enjoying celebrity status and landing huge advertising deals with top brands. That is quite a payoff for something that started off as a side gig. Incremental changes and a serious attitude can get you all the way from paying for your coffee to paying for your house — and being a recognisable personality. And you don’t have to fear for your financial safety — you can only quit your job when you are able to.

Reason 3: It’s an opportunity to make a difference




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